IMA Talk & Testimonials

From the IMA Guestbook:

“This exhibit is overwhelming as well as mind-blowing. I can’t believe I’m in Friday Harbor and witnessing such superb art. I am 85 years old and this show is a milestone in my life.” 

– BR

From Charlotte Moore of Seattle:

I wanted to drop a line because we had the nicest experience at the museum today.

We were just poking around Friday Harbor killing time waiting for the ferry and were drawn in by the building itself. The experience unfurled as we entered the building. Such a warm welcome and just enough information about the exhibition to entice us to explore. We did, and we were glad we did.

We did not know of William Morris, or his work, but the skillful display and gentle enthusiasm that the museum hosts displayed drew us in. For me, as an artist, the excitement happens when the art is not just an “end result” but the story that the object tells about how it became. My own art is interactive so that the viewer can change their view, or experience..or not…and, whether aware of it or not, they make art.

William Morris’ art is visually striking in and of itself. His fearlessness about pushing the edges of what glass can do, and what he’s proven it can do in his amazingly skilled hands (and that of his team…the “telepathic dance” was not lost on me) is without question and requires no validation from me.

It is a given that I will compliment William Morris. His work is multi-faceted, he has enormous, admirable talent and his work is rich with layered stories. I’m so glad to have discovered his art. My greater compliment is for the grace with which his art was displayed (bold colored walls and the building which has its own story of evolution!) and for the eloquent, amiable, humorous, conversational way the stories behind William Morris’ pieces were shared. My compliment is to you at the museum for this experience.

You have an amazing physical building, which contains amazing art. So does the Louvre. You got the Louvre beat in terms of providing an experience beyond the pretense which can tend to make art seem accessible to some, but not all.

All my thanks,

Charlotte Moore

P.S. Thank you for making sure I left with my umbrella! I needed it today!!!



“I am thrilled to find such an exquisite small museum. This is a jewel!”
– AC, Flagstaff, AZ

 “The museum is a wonderful addition to the community. The display of Willam Morris and associates glass artists is fantastic. Great job!”
– CC, Friday Harbor

 “Great to see the new museum and this stunning show full of the immediacy of light & life.”
– LM and RS, Bellingham & La Conner

 “The architecture is a spectacular use of light – congratulations!”
– CW