Mission & Vision


At the heart of the Salish Sea, SJIMA enriches the community, arts and artists as we champion authenticity of our islands’ place, expression and connections.


The San Juan Islands are a destination for many, drawn by the beauty and identity of a place that can be found nowhere else. Such uniqueness is a form of expression: expression of a community whose heart is informed by place and the connections within it. No wonder our islands have more working artists than anywhere else in Washington state. Authenticity of expression is at the heart of a strong arts community. And strong arts programming, education, and opportunities are at the heart of creating and protecting connected, authentic selves and communities.

SJIMA champions artists, the arts, and arts programming because we champion authenticity of expression, place, and connections. Through its exhibitions, education, programs, and events, SJIMA establishes our island region as a place of enduring discovery. We want all who come into contact with SJIMA to become more fluent in the languages of curiosity and connection. When we send our children into the world, we want them to enter it, and return, with a strong sense of who they are and how they fit into the educational, ecological, and community landscape. This is the world SJIMA cultivates—a world where arts exposure, education, and opportunities provide every one of our residents and guests with the language of authenticity so we can be strong stewards of and advocates for our most spirited selves, communities, and environment.


  • To present inspiring and engaging exhibitions and lectures, concentrating on the art and artists of the Pacific Northwest.
  • To create educational programs and experiences for youth and adult artists.
  • To support the growth of the local arts community and to help promote the San Juan Islands as an art destination.
  • To work collaboratively with other community groups in bringing accessible art to the San Juan Islands.

San Juan Islands Museum of Art was established in February, 2005, and is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.