Attention SJIMA Members

Dear SJIMA Members,

We want to keep you up to date on various activities at SJIMA.

Because of the epidemic you and your friends cannot personally visit the outstanding spring exhibitions at SJIMA. So, as a service to the community at large, we are bringing them to you in a free informative tour. Nothing can substitute for the real museum atmosphere and the power of the art; but we will try. We plan to publicize a link to a newly created SJIMA site to give the artists and SJIMA visibility. And, hopefully, it would generate interest in future visits.

Mark Kyle, our social media expert, is going to create the site and content. He had originally planned to have it operational this week. I just got notice that he needs to be with his mother in Florida taking care of a family emergency. He will work on the site, but it may not be completed for up to three more weeks. We will give you a preview when Mark has the site ready. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he travels.

Women from the Rainshadow Quilting Arts Guild, many of the  same ones who created all those wonderful Gee’s Bend potholders for us to sell at SJIMA, have a new project. Instead of rolling bandages like our great grandmothers did, they are making masks. They/we get a chance to do our bit! 

Everyone is aware of the news that hospital grade masks to protect our healthcare workers are in short supply. The ones we non-professionals can buy don’t protect you effectively if you are well, but are best worn by people who are sick and coughing.

The Peace Health Infection Prevention Team does want more masks to protect the health care workers. They gave these women surgical grade fabric to use. Nancy Best delivered the fabric to each volunteers’ home. They are sewing up a storm! Two that I know of are sewing 50 masks each!

I just had to brag about these creative women, many of whom are SJIMA members and volunteers.

Best wishes and stay healthy,