Burke Smithers

Inglemoor High School, Grade 11

Price of Power

In the growing environmental crisis of the Southern Resident Whales, the government continues to have a deepening role in the fate of this group, even though officials may not be fully aware of their extreme power over this situation. The capitol that has gone into funding economic-based programs of self-gain has been dirtied by the bloody hands of ignorant officials. This piece represents the greedy motives of individuals of high government stature, and how these actions to further their power negatively affects the environment in retrospect.

The capital building and skyscrapers tumbling into the river waters symbolize an ever changing society in which industrial power dominates the beautiful wildlife mother nature has gifted us. A tattered American flag, seen in the back, is a metaphor for the people’s disillusionment with our government, as it continues to work against the betterment of society