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Patrick Stewart Kirby

588 Mountain Shadows Lane Friday Harbor, WA 98250, United States Phone – 360-378-7454 Studio hours – By appointment I am a San Juan Island  and Costa Rica based photographer. I do both lens and lensless photography of animals, insects, plants, people and abstracts from nature.  I use pinholes, zone plates and photon sieves for lensless […]

Florence McAlary

P.O. Box 2091 Friday Harbor, WA 98250 Phone: (360) 378-2552 As a retired biologist/naturalist I’m spending my later years exploring a visual interpretation of biodiversity and an ocean in crisis. I use both terrestrial and underwater photography to capture the detail that flows from knowing an environment and its critters intimately. Friday Harbor has been […]

Dolly Salazar

450 Portland Fair Road Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone:  (360) 370-5684 Studio:  Luddy’s Lens Website: Email: I am strictly a film photographer, usually relying on my trusty band of Pentax’s – MX, Spotmatic, K1000, and Beltica. I shoot in available light, hand-held; All of my negs are lab-processed, and I scan the negs […]

Peter Olesen

417 Lehmann Levels Road Orcas, WA   98280 Phone:  (360) 317-5206 Studio: Peter Olesen Images Hours: By Appointment Website: Email:   As a landscape photographer I consider myself a witness to light by observing and interpreting an event where the light has brought the forms of earth to life. For nearly 50 years I’ve […]

Karen Woldtvedt

P.O. Box 73 Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone: (360) 378-8565 Studio:  Elan Video Hours:   By appointment Website: After working in leaded glass design for many years, I’ve been exploring video for the past decade, excited by the rich possibilities of combining images with movement, music, and words.   “Ana Skibska” Video

Robert Hare Stavers

543 Eagle Cove Drive Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone: (360) 378-0815 Studio: Robert Hare Stavers Photography Website: Local Gallery Affiliations: Island Studios, Roche Harbor Artists I have been a photographer for 60 years, starting with a Kodak Brownie when I was nine. Ignoring my passion for over 60 Years I grew up, embarked on […]

Lewis Spaulding

1713 Cattle Point Road Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone: (360) 378-5594 Studio:  Spaulding Studio Hours:  By appointment Website: Local Gallery Affiliation: Island Studios, Friday Harbor After spending twenty-four years as a printmaker, I have returned to my interest in photography. With new techniques available today it is possible to use the photographic image in […]

Danielle Dean

PO Box 3428 Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone: (360) 298-6951 Website: Email:   Danielle Dean is an artist and educator based on  San Juan Island in Washington State. She recently completed her MFA in photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Her cross-disciplinary work is about light, the elements, the alchemy of […]

Stephen O’Melveny

49 Wally Way Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone: (360) 622-8067 Studio Hours: By Appointment email: I live & work on San Juan Island.   Medium:  Sculpture Biography:  I graduated from the San Fransisco Art Institute, in 1966. I spent 40 years as a building arts professional in the San Fransisco Bay Area. I moved […]

Kathy Crowe Finholm

P.O. Box 734 Friday Harbor, WA  98250 Phone: (360) 378-3784 Studio: Crowe’s Nest Photography Hours:  By appointment Website: Kathy established Crowe’s Nest Photography to share her vision of the world around her. From photo cards to private commissions, nature, travel, and macro photography direct her focus. My work can be characterized by a fascination […]