Chris Moench

Title: Salmon Return prayer wheel

Salmon Return Prayer Wheel is a vessel for stories of renewal and transformation. It is the product of elemental process: built out of earth (clay), softened and made pliable with water, dried to brittle hardness by air and then fused into near glass by fire. The illustrated surface depicts salmon returning to their home river to spawn and die and thereby continue the ancient and universal cycle of life and death giving birth to new life. The weathered driftwood handle floats upon the surface, swept by currents beyond its control as it gradually disintegrates and sinks beneath the surface. Within, the vessel carries the hopes, sorrows, joys and reflections of those who dive deep into the ocean of their own heart to bring forth some wriggling thought to be written down on paper and dropped into the wheel. Spinning the wheel sets it into a dynamic swirl of co-creation where you, the viewer, become an active participant in shaping the meaning of the sculpture. It is a metaphor for how we collectively shape our families, our communities and our relationship to the greater life ways of the planet.