COVID-19 SJIMA Procedures

The following are to protect the safety of visitors and our staff. Compliance with these requirements is greatly appreciated and can help us return to normal operations sooner. 


All persons must stay at least six feet apart at all times in all areas of the building unless they are all members of the same household.

Face masks are required. If a visitor does not have one, SJIMA will provide a disposable mask, which they may take home for themselves .

Anyone with a cough or fever will be asked to leave the premises.

The number of people in each gallery and the whole museum will be limited. Should it be necessary, new entries may be permitted as current visitors leave.

If held outdoors awaiting admission to SJIMA, everyone must maintain the 6-foot separation distance unless members of the same household.

Upon arrival everyone must check in with the reception desk before going into the galleries.  We are required to track every visitor, including contact information. 

Payments by visitors for admission, donations or gifts will be paid by credit/debit cards only.  Pre-payment may be made by mail in advance. 

Checks and cash are happily accepted by mail or in the donation bowl.

Docent tours, if available, will limit the number of people in a group and group members must keep 6 feet apart unless members of the same household.

Entry and exit into SJIMA is only through the front doors. Staff and board members may enter through the back door if they have an entry code. Staff is expected to follow these guidelines also.

No more than three people, excluding staff, may be in the lobby at the same time unless they are all members of the same household.

Gatherings in the parking lot and outside areas before or after visiting SJIMA are discouraged.

Visitors will not handle any other visitors’ backpack, purse, coat or other belongings unless they are members of the same household. 

No food or drink is allowed in the museum except for staff in the break room or the single office.

Visitors may not enter the office or break room or use the office equipment.

Touching the art is not allowed as sanitizing it could damage the art.

The restrooms will be open and cleaned frequently.

All high-touch surfaces throughout the museum will be sanitized often.

Plasticized handouts will be sanitized after use by visitors. Paper handouts are to be taken home by the visitor or disposed of in the trash.

Benches and chairs will be sanitized frequently.