David Waterworth

K37 Rainshadow free fall- male, born in December 2003 to mother K12 Sequim (46 years old)
K34 Cali breaking the plane – male – born in October 2001 to mother K13 Skagit (deceased – 45 years old)
J14 Samish 1974 – 2016 Samish means “those who stand up and give.” Born in 1974, she is the mother and matriarch of J30 “Riptide” (deceased), J37 “Hy’shqa”, J40 “Suttles” and J45 “Se-Yi’-Chn”. She is also the grandmother of Hy’shqa’s first offspring, J49 “T’ilem I’nges.”

Artist’s Statement: A photograph can convey many things. It can tell a story, elicit emotion or just capture a millisecond in time that otherwise goes unseen.
With a little patience and luck this study of Southern Resident Killer Whales was put together to show a bit of what the casual eye might miss. And to memorialize a matriarch that put herself before her family, a story that we see repeated continually throughout our SRKW families. I capture the textures and mechanisms, depth and detail where and when life sometimes imitates art.