Entangle by Raven Skyriver Photo credit: Peter Kuhlein
June 14-September 16, 2019

Thursday-Monday  11:00 – 5:00    Admission: $10, members and those 18 and under are free.

DEEP DIVE’s fine art will dazzle the visitors as they learn about the many denizens of the deep and the icons of the Salish Sea, our endangered species.

The world watched last year when orca Tahlequah carried her dead baby around the sea for 17 days – it was heart breaking. Then Scarlet starved and died despite some heroic efforts to save her.

Recently, a special endpaper to Lives They Lived appeared in the December 30, 2018 New York Times Magazine. What can these orcas tell us? What must we learn to save them?

The art of the DEEP DIVE exhibition will feature orcas, whales, starfish, kelp, octopuses and the all-important salmon and more. While the exhibition will delight with glowing art by the Governor’s Award-winning Preston Singletary, Raven Skyriver and many others it will also send messages about threats that need to be addressed in our waters. In the glass atrium, Andrew Shewman will create a custom installation on the same theme. The chosen artists and SJIMA are attuned to issues of the Pacific Northwest.

One of the benefits of art is that it lets us see the world through another person’s eyes. In this case, perhaps we can view our Salish Sea world through the lenses of these artists.

In Andrew Shewman’s Waterline installation, a whale fluke moves within the art morphing from a human to vessel form, astounding visitors.