Dialogues from the Forest – Part 1


The SJIMA 2017 schedule of exhibitions explores and honors the resources of the abundant, Northwest landscape which artists transform into personal statements of celebration and genuine concern.  First Nation art will be featured in the summer exhibition and will continue the dialogue concerning the forest and culture.

CELEBRATIONS by Morse Clary, artist/professor from the Tri Cities

Clary is a gifted sculptor, who sees each of his elegant ‘books’ as a study of sculptural metaphor and the visual and tactile qualities of wood.  In this seminal exhibition of his life’s work, he presents a fascinating array of woods, fiber, jewels, bones and other materials from the natural environment, which have informed and inspired him. View his collection of books from March 4th – May 15th.

CHARRED TOTEMS by Suze Woolf, painter, sculptor from Seattle

The artist’s anxiety about climate change emerges in this series on burned-over forests.  A strange, stunning beauty is accompanied by destruction and heartbreak in these cast paper sculptures and pine beetle books.  Her painting walks a line between involving reality and a collection of brush strokes.  Woolf is concerned about climate change and in this series on burned-over forests she portrays strange and stunning beauty.  View Suze Woolf’s exhibit from March 4th – May 15th.

A REFLECTION OF VESSEL by Aaron Haba, installation artist, Camano Island

This site specific installation invites the viewer to look toward the heavens to see the beauty inside our own human vessels.  Here at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art Haba has re-imagined his work “Vessel” to respond to the Atrium Gallery. View Aaron Haba’s “A Reflection of Vessel” in the Atrium from March 4th – May 15th.

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