Family Art Days Winter 2019

Hours Saturday 1-5 p.m.


12        From Birds to Flying Machines in mixed media and origami.

            Inspiration: Leonardo Da Vinci designs

19        Exploring Shapes, Textures and Colors in Painting and Colors.

            Inspiration: John James Audubon depictions of birds

26        Flora, Fauna and Fungi: Drawing from Nature.

            Inspiration: Maria Sibylla Merian’s Work


2          Creating Natural Images on Sunprint paper.

            Inspiration: Anna Atkins botanical cyanotypes

9          Discover and make fossils. Inspiration: Mary Anning’s work

16        From Beetles to Butterflies: Multimedia Exploration of Patterns.

            Inspiration: Illustrators of bugs

23        Paleoart from Cave Paintings to Sticks and Stones .

            Inspiration: Andrew Goldsworthy’s works


2          Making Your Own Camera Obscura in a box.

            Inspiration: Johannes Vermeer


The workshops continue each Saturday until March 2 and are generously sponsored by Suzy Wakefield and the Community Foundation of San Juan Island. King’s Market, Nana’s Holiday House, Mystical Mermaid and Jeanne Earnhart also make the free classes possible.

Visitors may choose to make a reservation at the front desk during regular hours or call 360-370-5050.