Jocelyn Russel

“Mob of Meerkats”
‘Day Shift – Sentinel Bronze’
‘Easy Chair’ – Reclining Pair Bronze
‘Double Trouble’ – Meerkat Pups Bronze
16″H x 5″L x 4″W
San Juan Island

Artist Statement:

The meerkat sculptures were commissioned for Audubon Zoo, along with five life size elephants, five life size lions, and the meerkats (eleven in all). I found researching these lively and impish little critters most of the fun. The sentinel represents the guardian that alerts other family members to trouble, either from the sky or on land.The lounging pair depicts an all-too-familiar demeanor of the meerkat; take advantage of a place and time to rest. The meerkat pups represent the hope for survival for the mob in the dangers of Africa, but the pup’s seeming oblivion to danger renders them affable and amusing, bordering on the edge of comical.