Volunteer Steve Bowman helping Dan Tucker and Matthew Palmer send the pyre out to sea. Detail from Liminal Currents by Matthew Gray Palmer. This exhibition was on display at SJIMA from May 23 – August 21, 2015.


Become an SJIMA Volunteer!

Volunteers created SJIMA and volunteers continue to be a vital part of the museum’s success. As SJIMA grows, volunteers are more and more important. There are many ways you can join the SJIMA team.

  • Become a Docent.
  • Host an artist, speaker, or musician. If you have a private guest cottage or extra room where an SJIMA guest could stay for a night or two, please contact us!
  • Help prepare for exhibitions.
  • Volunteer for a shift at the San Juan County Fair Art Raffle Booth.
  • Volunteer at the front desk
  • Help out if you are handy (maintenance, gardening etc.)
  • Help with workshops.
  • Write grants.

Do you have a background in the arts, non-profit organizations, or museums? Please let us know of your particular skills and interests.

SJIMA Volunteer contact: 360-370-5050