Become an SJIMA Volunteer!

Volunteers created SJIMA and volunteers continue to be a vital part of the museum’s success. As SJIMA grows, volunteers are more and more important. There are many ways you can join the SJIMA team.

  • Become a Docent.
  • Host an artist, speaker, or musician. If you have a private guest cottage or extra room where an SJIMA guest could stay for a night or two, please contact us!
  • Help prepare for exhibitions.
  • Volunteer for a shift at the San Juan County Fair Art Raffle Booth
  • Help out if you are handy (maintenance, gardening etc.)
  • Help with workshops.
  • Write grants.

Do you have a background in the arts, non-profit organizations, or museums? Please let us know of your particular skills and interests.

SJIMA Volunteer contact: 360-370-5050