Julie Weaver

Julie was born in Allentown PA. She graduated from Elmira College in NY with a BA in studio art/art history. After college oil painting was her medium of choice until she discovered textiles. Living in Maine provided the inspiration to develop her love of painting the natural world with thread. On her many outdoor activities she always had the camera ready to capture the days events. With the help of Photoshop Julie learned to combine her many photos and her love of various textiles. Each piece has a story to tell so various textiles are combined to convey that artist vision.

Currently residing in Friday Harbor, WA since 2016 she continues her collaboration between the art and the land. Julie is a passionate gardener and that passion finds its way into her art pieces.

While living in Maine Julie was part of many group exhibitions in galleries and Museums. Julie had two solo shows. She is in many private collections across the country. In 2013 she was selected to show at the juried Houston International Quilt Festival. 2005 her quilt was selected for the Paducah show. In 2000 her quilt won a ribbon at the juried Vermont Quilt Festival.

Artist’s statement: Textiles has been my passion for many years. I am very inspired by the natural world. So many textures, colors, patterns and designs. I get excited with each new project to recreate that moment in time with fabric, and various threads. I’m trying to create the same emotional response in the viewer that I have had in creating it.

The inspiration for my work starts as a photograph taken during my travels. With the photo as the starting point I can develop an interesting composition with color, details and textures using various fibers. Each project speaks to me differently which means they all turn out unique onto themselves. But that’s the fun and therefore the next project begins.

Salish Sea Bull Kelp was inspired while kayaking one day. I painted the bull kelp with Inktense colored pencils. I then colored over the pencils with thread. The quilting around the bull kelp represents the very small rocks we have on our beaches here on the island. I took a lot of artistic license with the bull kelp.