Kait Rhodes

Kait Rhoads is an American glass artist whose works have been featured at numerous notable exhibitions in the United States and internationally. She has an Atrium Baccalaureate from Rollins College 1989, BFA in Glass from Rhode Island School of Design 1993 and a MFA in Sculpture from Alfred University 2001. She received a Fulbright Scholarship for study of sculpture in Venice, Italy in 2001–2002.[1] Rhoads is based in Seattle, Washington and is a faculty member at the Pratt Fine Arts Center.[2] In 2014, her work was featured in the Morean Arts Center Chihuly Collection, a permanent installation of artwork by Dale Chihuly and other notable artists. Rhoads’ work was noted for displaying the “creative possibility” of studio glass
I have become committed to marine conservation; this passion has developed over time and across many ecosystems. Volunteering at the aquarium has been illuminating in terms of ocean ecology. I made a commitment to focus my energy in this area. My public works are now dedicated to presenting and education others about the sea.

Artist’s Statement: “My love of living things was encouraged, so that from the very beginning I was able to develop that sense of wonder, of awe, that can lead to spiritual awareness.” –Jane Goodall My work is inspired by nature and informed by memory. And, three oceans—the Caribbean, the Indian and the Pacific–delineate the imaginative boundaries of my practice. I grew up on the water of the Caribbean in a ship with my family where my deep affinity for biological systems began. I lived surrounded by nature; the liquid light and aquatic life imprinted upon my senses. The sculptures I create emanate from my early experiences within and curiosity about the natural world.