Ken Rea

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Cousteau

“I have been a professional mariner for 40 years serving as a captain, mate and deckhand. My experience is mainly on ocean going tug boats on the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean.
Among my experience is time on small cruise ships in Southeast Alaska where I spent a lot of time watching marine life. On the Columbia River and Snake River we mainly saw land mammals. Working on ocean going tug boats in the Gulf of Alaska out to the Aleutians. Towing barges up Cook Inlet to Anchorage and back many times. Served on vessels in Southeast Alaska and the Inside Passage among the British Columbia islands. Early on I started out on the Columbia and Snake Rivers from Astoria, OR to Lewiston, ID as a deckhand.

During my years at sea I have been very fortunate to observe marine life. Observing on the west coast from Alaska all the way down to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and from the shores of Costa Rica and the waters from Puerto Rico to Florida. Hundreds of Humpback Whales have been observed “bubble net feeding” in Alaska. A highlight is when I rubbed the heads of curious Gray Whale calves in Mexico. Here in the Salish Sea I often see Killer Whales chasing and killing prey.

As a certified Naturalist since the spring of 2015 with ongoing training each year I am able to share knowledge with you. One of my greatest pleasures is to share my experience with others. I am able to do this on our unique and intimate tours by taking you out to meet and observe the whales. It is in their natural and magnificent environment where we can appreciate them best.”