Art As A Voice June 30

A Presentation and Book Signing by Susan Middleton
Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates, The Backbone of Life
at the San Juan Community Theatre, 7:30 p.m. June 30, 2015

Opalescent Nudibranch Hermissenda crassicornis Taxon: opisthobranch nudibranch aeolid Length 4 cm (1.6 inches)

copyright Susan Middleton Opalescent Nudibranch / Hermissenda crassicornis

Wildlife photographer and author Susan Middleton shares anecdotes about her field work and the process of creating the stunning images now on display at the IMA exhibition Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates, the Backbone of Life, from her acclaimed book of the same name.

Middleton offers a rare glimpse into a mysterious and beguiling world in a talk that features the essential role of marine invertebrates in the web of life. A unique blend of art and science, this special presentation highlights the spectacular diversity and astonishing beauty of this under-celebrated realm of life upon which all other life depends.

With special emphasis on the spineless creatures that inhabit the marine environment of the San Juan Islands, Middleton will take us on a visual adventure as we learn about the elegant natural design, fragility, and resiliency of these amazing lifeforms that make up more than 98% of marine fauna.  

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A book signing will follow the presentation.

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