Exploring Willow Bark with Judy Zugish




Thank you for your interest, unfortunately this workshop has been cancelled.



A 5 day workshop in 3 sessions. Choose one, two or all three.
Immerse your fingers, heads and hearts in locally grown willow barks in a series of workshops with Judy Zugish that leads you gently thru basket to wearable hat to sculpted art piece. Judy will share her willow growing, harvesting, and prep tips while you engage with this lovely renewable material. Imagine the fun of making your own willow hat to wear to festival days and the joy of sculpting with soft fibers and twinkling copper strips. A chance to work with materials and concepts intensively grows your confidence and ignites your creativity. 5 days of island weaving, ahhhhh! 

Session 1 (August 3): Tsumugi Reflections 

Summertime, 2012, teaching at Convergence, led me to a delicious new fiber, Tsugumi, to plait and twine with my special willow barks. I love the ancient in it, also the shine and softness. Wrapped Silk, subtle and arresting. In this class for all levels, we will shape and form with my prepared willow barks and will simple weave and twine that shape with the Tsumugi, and finish with several border choices. You can embellish with your own inspirations.  Price: $75 (plus $65 materials fee collected at the workshop.)

Session 2 (August 4-5): Weaving your Own Willow Bark Hat 

New discoveries in our natural world delight the playful learning corners of the mind. In this basketweavers class for all levels you gain knowledge of harvest and storage, curing and preparing willow barks from species you can cultivate and others you can hunt! Together, we will design a wearable hat, comfortable and practical,  a piece you can show off at gatherings and markets–so fun! There is much technique to be learned in this process, from basic beginning structures to chase weave and twining, design and finish. We begin by refining our willow barks and choosing a style with a wide, narrow, or stylish brim. Enjoy two days working on a mold form, discussing options as we proceed. Finish with an elegant and strong folded edge border and the option of a very cool felted headband. To personalize we can also incorporate treasure you bring along. This is two days concentrated work for experienced weavers. Price: $135 (plus $110 materials fee collected at the workshop.)

Session 3 (August 6-7) : Samantha Rose-Sculpting with Willow Barks

Judy says, “My most satisfying baskets often tell a story. “Samantha Rose” is one of these; the birth of a treasured granddaughter. In this new design workshop , we begin with a patterned twill base combining willow skins and copper. Explore for shape with twining and weaving in prepared willow, choose a finishing edge, place your story into your creation. Suitable for experienced weavers who like thoughtful weaving expression.” Price: $135 (plus $115 materials fee collected at the workshop.)

Take all three workshops for $335 (plus $290 materials fee collected at the first session.)


willow hat portraitAbout the Instructor, Judy Zugish

My first basket “experiment” happened one day with twigs and quackgrass in my backyard in 1983. 

I was elated, surprised and captured! …to this day the soul of my baskets begins in the garden. It has led me to design an extensive fiber arts garden that weaves itself into my nursery property. The seasons guide this work, where I can cultivate, harvest, and create woven forms large and living to tiny wearable miniatures from the surround of growing plants. Twin passions for learning and sharing led to developing Fishsticks Basketry School on the property in 1991 and bringing fabulous teachers from far and wide to the Northwest.

This connection with basketmakers has added a thread of gold to my tapestry–for many years I have enjoyed exhibiting, teaching and traveling the artists path across the U.S. and abroad. The studies of many cultures and forms of basketmaking enrich both hands and heart and I enjoy cultivating those threads into my garden, teaching, and work.

For myself, the weaving that excites me most is full of experimentation and shaping; usually the finished pieces will tell a story. In teaching, I design my classes to explore delicious natural materials and good applied technique; encouraging students to add a touch of the unusual just because it’s fun! please visit Judy Zugish at www.twigtwisters.com to view my intertwined world.