Linda Cooper – African Dance

Title: African Dance

Artist Statement:

“A visit to the Boise Art Museum in 2010 and participation in classes taught by Nancy Crow encouraged me to juxtapose unexpected colors and create movement with their boldness.”

My quilts are driven by color and inspired by travel.  My favorite experiences and sources of inspiration have been watching men and women create beautiful hand-woven, hand-embroidered clothing and textile arts.

Comment from the judge, Marie Z Johansen: “Her improvisational design elements are, in my opinion, excellent examples of ‘taking design inspiration from the Gee’s Bend style’ but making the style her own, unique, artistic statement.  These quilts express movement through intentional placement of contrasts, light and dark, vibrant and quiet, textural and smooth.  The artists use of non-static and uneven lines and shapes, contrasts nicely with rows of evenly placed, well-executed hand stitching.”