Linda McClamrock

Linda McClamrock is a West Seattle resident, musician, and artist. She began creating art seven years ago, after being inspired by some greeting cards done in collage style. She is self-taught and loves recreating the world in paper collage and mixed media pieces. A bit of a savant with scissors, Linda doesn’t draw any of her designs but merely picks up her scissors and a stack of magazines and starts cutting her own shapes, using the color and pattern of the paper as her palette. Linda enjoys exploring a wide variety of subject matter, from the natural world to musicians and family life. Her superb hand-eye coordination, honed by many years of classical piano, allows her to cut finely detailed pieces using her trusty scissors.

Linda has been featured in art walks, art festivals, and at several art galleries. Childhaven, the City of Seattle, and the Bainbridge Island Art Museum have purchased her collages.
Artist’s Statement: I was intrigued by the idea of making visible some of the creatures that live far below the beautiful waters of the Salish Sea. I’ve lived here all my life, yet I only had a general sense of what salmon look like: big silver fish. When I looked for salmon photos online I found primarily pictures of salmon fillets, or salmon recipes, or even salmon trophies in the arms of local fishermen. Yet I had to hunt for images of salmon themselves. They are gorgeous, with reflective silver scales and luminous eyes, and I decided to help people see their beauty.

I never learned to draw, so I cut fish shapes out of a brown paper bag freehand and kept refining each one by cutting and regluing the pieces, until they looked right to me. Then I started filling in various grey bits of paper, cutting them generally in a fish scale shape and gluing them together to cover the brown paper bag. There are dozens of pieces in each of the three fish. Then I over-painted them with a metallic silver acrylic, letting some of the textures of the original papers show through. I also glued some metallic silver threads to each fish and added slender slivers of black paper to highlight supple fins and tails.

I used two green shades of unryu paper to suggest the currents underwater. The entire piece is treated with multiple coats of acrylic medium, plus cold wax.