Lori Ann David

652 No. 2 Schoolhouse Road
Friday Harbor, WA  98250
Phone: (805) 452-1397 cell/text: office 360-378-0233

Studio: Lori Ann David Design Studio Aurora Farms
Hours: Studio by appointment; farm walk to view installed sculptures daily, call ahead.
Website: www.lorianndavid.com
Email: la@lorianndavid.com

Lori Ann is a Renaissance Woman whose art spans decades of fine art and craft, in both private and public collections; trained as a master craftsman shoemaker, precision welder, sculptor and ceramicist, her work pushes the limits of size and creativity. Commissions only.



“Hands of Light, Hands of Peace”

Welded Frame/supports: ferrro-cement, mosaic estuary stones, hand cut mirror, Italian iridescent glass, epoxy colored grouts; epoxy sealer; 1600 lbs.  Each footprint of hands/pair is appx. 14 ft. long x 8 ft. wide x 4 ft. high at palms;  9 ft. high at fingertips