Lucy Qinnuayuak

Lucy Qinnuayuak
Inuit-Cape Dorset, 1915-1982

Talk of Birds
Stone cut Print


A prolific graphic artist, Lucy Qinnuayuak was particularly renowned for her illustrations of birds. She also depicted other themes deriving from her personal interpretations of traditional Inuit life. She grew up in various Inuit camps, in one of which she met her husband, Tikituk, a sculptor and graphic artist. They later settled in Cape Dorset.

Lucy started to draw in the 1950s while living in Supujuak camp. Over the years she drew all kinds of birds in various poses, often juxtaposing movement and stasis in unusual ways. At the end of the 1970s, Lucy began working with acrylic paint in conjunction with other media. Her compositions from that period are colorful, vibrant, and powerful, incorporating elaborate narrative elements that reflect her Inuit heritage.