Lumi Verdugo

My hands have always been drawn to
clay, as a child, building forms, the attraction of
creating shapes from the earth has always been
my curiosity and passion till this day.
My education began at the University of
Chile, where I am from, and I moved to Seattle
with my husband and daughters in the early
70s. I joined Pottery NW, and later taught art
at Lakeside School until I retired in 2000.
In those years, with my husband, a UW
professor, we brought our family to the
University of Washington Labs, and stayed the
summers. This was our introduction to the area,
which later seemed like the obvious choice
when we retired.
It was in 2001 when I became an island
resident. I built my dream home studio and
began to experiment, using new ideas and
techniques, including island clay.
This community has been an amazing
place to create my art. I feel inspired by the
talent and inclusive body of artists. It’s been
my joy to share and explore in my process.