Mia Haney-Marshall

Salish Sea Ecosystem

This piece depicts a healthy ecosystem in the Salish Sea with specific species chose to represent the
biodiversity found here. This art was created using a mixture of watercolor and ink, where the marine
mammals have been painted, cut out, and pasted on a detailed background to add another level of
complexity. My motivation for this piece was to show how all organisms that exist in the Salish Sea are
connected and depend on each other to survive. I made the orca the subject of this piece to bring
awareness of their importance in the food chain and overall ecosystem health and to recognize that
killer whales have been integral to many Coast Salish cultures since time immemorial.

I have lived in the Salish Sea region my entire life, but only recently have I discovered my affinity
for the diversity of life found here, including the Southern Resident killer whales. My overall goal is to
use my art to connect people with the natural world and engender a sense of wonder and responsibility
for the Salish Sea and the myriad species who call this place home, most specifically the endangered
Southern Resident killer whales.