Osa Caudill

105 Windfall Lane
P.O. Box  2034
Eastsound, WA 98245
Phone:  (360) 610-9338

Studio:  OsaArt
Hours:  By Appointment
Email:  alchemicalart@yahoo.com
Local Gallery Affiliations: The Artworks, Orcas Island

I create with clay, metal, semi-precious stone and wood. 
Translating ‘ah-ha’ moments, the materials, and accessing “the creative mind” 
are my inspirations to create the visual poetry we live in. Object as Haiku.
 I have studied and exhibited throughout America and in France.


“Garden Totem”
How do gifts of grace turn into Dogma?

W: 10.5” x H: 6.25”
Raku, carved and painted wood, etched metal