Peter Naylor

Pete Naylor was born and raised in a remote mining town in outback Australia, but has lived in Skagit County WA since 1998. He has volunteered in fire/EMS, mountain rescue, and dive rescue – now he just dives for fun. His real job is at Amazon, helping companies migrate to the cloud.

Artist Statement: Diving in the cold waters of the Salish Sea is an adventure and a privilege. From the surface it is hard to imagine the variety of implausible geological formations, the density and variety of life, and the breathtaking light and colors. I hope my photographs can offer a small glimpse into why the Salish Sea is so special.

Steller Curiosity – is of a playful female Steller Sea Lion near Hornby Island BC taken on a survey trip with the SeaDoc Society. When these puppies of the sea want to play, it is impossible to deny them.

Bull Kelp in Tidal Flow – I once had a dive buddy describe watching kelp in the current and sunshine as a religious experience – it’s mesmerizing.