Rande Cook – Salmon Run Panel

Rande Cook
Kwakwaka’wakw (‘Namgis),1977

Salmon Run Panel    
Red Cedar                   


Originally from Alert Bay on the northern tip of Vancouver Island, Rande Cook later moved to Victoria. His grandparents taught him the essential elements of his native culture, and from them he learned the power of art in maintaining ties with his ancestral roots. His mentors in the world of First Nations art have included William Wasden Jr., Don Yeomans, Susan Point, Beau Dick, Calvin Hunt, John Livingston, Robert Davidson, Bruce Alfred, and Art Thompson. Rande deeply respects these artists for their dedication to perpetuating indigenous art forms while giving them new life.

Rande uses the fundamental knowledge passed on to him by his teachers to further his artistic development. Always interested in infusing new elements into his work, he has spent time in Italy and New York studying repoussé and chasing with Valentin Yotkov. Rande has succeeded in creating his own distinctive style while continuing to search for innovative approaches.

Note: Rande Cook will give a presentation about his work and his sources of inspiration on Sunday, July 23 at Brickworks in Friday Harbor. Ticket information is available online at www.sjima.org or at the front desk in the museum lobby.