Robin Jones

Robin Jones began painting in earnest the day after a category 3 hurricane swept through Houston, Texas, where she had been living while working as an actor at the Alley Theatre. Completely self-taught, she focuses on realistic figurative oil painting, including subjects/themes taken from plays, novels, from her imagination, as well as more ‘activist’ art involving endangered species, animal captivity, and extinction. Robin has been painting and showing her work for 10 years throughout the U.S., and currently lives and works on Vashon Island, WA. Her work exudes emotion- both from the figures themselves and from the stories/issues surrounding them. Fitting for a painter having spent a life in the theatre, her paintings express inner soul, drama, action, and story.

Artist’s Statement: Drawing from my love of figurative painting and of animals and the natural world, my current work focuses on specific animals that are endangered, accompanied by the next generation of humans. As we continue to expand our presence on the planet, we are displacing, endangering, and threatening other species with extinction. They are endangered due to habitat loss, trophy hunting, palm oil deforestation, climate change- the planet we will hand to future generations could be vastly different from the one we now know, devoid of many of the animals that currently make up the Endangered Species List. Most of these works I would categorize as “activist art.”
With all of my paintings, I strive to capture spirit- whether animal or human- inner life, emotion, soul. This, to me, is perhaps the most important thing of all.