Sara Hysong-Shimazu

Sara grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has held a lifelong love for the Salish Sea and its many inhabitant, but perhaps none more so than the orcas. With a dark room in the garage of her childhood home and a father who passed along a love for photography she has put one passion to use to tell the stories of another. That love has inspired her to advocate, educate, and instill a deeper understanding and awareness in others for the whales and the ecosystem they rely on—and that we rely on as well.

Artist’s Statement: The orcas of the Salish Sea have long captured the hearts and imaginations of people around the region. These sentient beings provide us with a glimpse into a world that is both foreign and familiar to us. One that instills in many of us a sense of wonder.

I have been captivated by these beings for decades and through my photography I hope to be able to share them with others. It is a story of salmon and wild things; a story that defines their tenacity and fire in the face of a changing ecosystem and their struggle to thrive in a world altered by the hand of man.

I want to share their story so people connect with them and feel moved to protect the Salish Sea and the place we all call home.