Improvisational Quilting by Katie Pedersen


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An Improv Quilting Workshop with author and instructor, Katie Pedersen, will be held on June 24th from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location: Mullis Center, 589 Nash St. Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Cost: $65.00 for SJIMA members; $75. 00 for non-members
Limit: 25

For a complete class description please read the information below:

Katie Pedersen


Sewing machine in awesome working order (don’t forget cords and pedal)
15” square template quilting ruler
Long template quilting ruler (at least 24” long)
Rotary cutter and large 24” x 36” mat
Matching thread
Roll of Painters tape
2 yards of flannel, batting or something that can be used as a design wall
Iron and Board
*Optional- Paper and colored pencils or pens

Fabric​ – Total of (6ish) yards solid or almost solid prints (FQs or 22” scrap strips are fine). I usually have about (6-9) different fabrics, but have used just two.

We’ll be designing improvisationally in this workshop. Our goal in class will be to have a full understanding of the construction of the blocks. Blocks can easily be added later to enlarge your quilt size. Fabric here is an estimate so that you can happily create and play in class. FYI, just like cookies, more is better;) I’d suggest buying what you can purchase more of in case you enlarge your quilt.

Prior to class you will need to cut strips from each of your fabrics. Strips should be a mix of somewhat consistent-width and angled (wedge shaped)

To Cut the Strips:
Fold the yardage in half ONCE​, matching the selvedges and square up the top edge.
*Cut a variety of consistent-width strips that measure between 2 ” to 4” (we’re improvising here so it doesn’t have to be exact).
*Cut a variety of angled strips by placing your ruler at the desired angle and cut along the ruler’s edge, again these strips should measure between 2” and 4” in width.
*Cut the strips in half at the center fold to yield (2) shorter strips of about 21”.  Some even-width and some wedge and all different sizes in width.
*Cut a total of (3) strips from ​each fabric,​ sub-cut on the fold to make (6) and/or cut (6) strips from each FQ along the longest edge.

The shapes should resemble the photo.