SJIMA Arts and Sciences (SOAR)

SJIMA presents art activities for children age 7 and older.  This is a great family activity designed to present science elements and principles via art.  Taking place upstairs at the museum is a series of free workshops exploring the connections between art and science through hands-on projects ranging from making sundials to kaleidoscopes.  For ages 7 and up, Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  See a brief description below of the activities.  Come join the fun and take your creation home with you!

March 17 – NASA Terrariums: as inspired SciFi artists, we will dream up biomes fit for Mars.

March 31 – Engineering Hands: make artwork with movable parts-levers, springs and cogwheels, and naturally-robots.

April 7 – Topology and Topography: explore the shape of things in this hands-on class and explore what works best.

April 14 – Make Your Own Fractals: nature-made and human-made, we’ll create art following nature’s example.

April 21 – Astrobiology: aliens and their landscapes, we will build our own worlds and explain how they could exist.

April 28 – Kaleidoscopic Art and It’s Principles: we’ll view the world around us from a new angle.

May 5 – Inner and Outer Space: moods and seasons expressed on a folding screen reflect the journey of life and seasons.

Location: SJIMA at 540 Spring Street, Friday Harbor WA
Time: STARTS at 10 a.m. and ENDS at noon
Cost: FREE, but donations to cover the cost of materials is greatly appreciated.

Sponsored by: Jay and Suzy Wakefield and supported by Robin’s Nest, Creative Passions, Jeanine Earnhart, King’s Market, Nana’s Holiday House and Pebble