SJIMA’s Family Art Days, Summer 2020

“Celebrating Community and Creativity” Family Art Packs

Saturdays  August 8 – September 26

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA) summer Family Art Days in the orchard are pivoting to take-away at-home Family Art Packs. This way families can still enjoy the fun until we can meet again at the museum.

The at-home art packs contain the all the supplies and lesson plans for the Origami Lotus Project. Families should pick up the packs at the museum on Saturday, August 8th, 1:00-3:00 pm.  We recommend pre-registration, as supplies are limited. To register, please go to:   Those who wish will have the opportunity to participate in a display of their creations–at least a virtual one.

We are ready with safety precautions for you and the staff when we can resume meeting in the orchard. (See FAD COVID under “Learn” at

SJIMA is located at 540 Spring Street in Friday Harbor and is currently
closed due to the pandemic.

This program is sponsored by Suzy Wakefield and  supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission and the National Endowment for the Arts.



DATES                       1:00-2:45 pm          3:15 – 5:00 pm

August 8 –       Origami Lotus Project

August 15 –       Building Bridges

August 22 –       Faces of my Family

August 29 –       Masks for FUN!

September 5 –   Fairs& Farmers’ Markets

September 12 –  Let’s Make Music

September 19 –  Clothesline Collage

September 26 – The Land We Live On



1. The Lotus Project – The lotus, which grows in murky waters, reminds us that

something beautiful can emerge from challenging conditions.  Make an origami lotus,

draw designs on it and dedicate it to someone who has helped you during a difficult

time.  Adding straw stems to our lotuses will make them suitable for display!


2. Building Bridges – All bridges, whatever their size, are symbols of connection.

Bridges allow us to pass safely over troubled waters.  With printer paper we make a

paper-cut of rippling bubbles of water. From cardboard we build support beams.

Out of construction paper we build a bridge itself, trying out 3 different models.


3. Faces of my Family – There is nothing more interesting than a human face, so we will

make portraits of ourselves or others.  We love looking at the faces of our family and

reading their emotions, and we try to capture this in our artwork. Materials we will use

are canvas, acrylic paints, poster board, felt and bright construction paper.


4. Masks for FUN! – Make a mask unlike any other that you see people wearing these

days.  Using feathers, beads, yarn, paint, and poster board, we may choose the most

unusual images for our masks: robot mask, crab mask, parrot mask- you name it!


5. Fairs and Farmer’s Markets – In the colorful settings of the county fair or farmers’

market, festive crowds gather.  Our materials: card stock, cardboard, construction

paper, paint and markers, chenille stems, wire. Our paper sculptures are full of life.


6. Let’s Make Music – Music and rhythm can lift our spirits. Make and decorate a

percussion instrument.  Then improvise with the other families in the orchard–the

sounds will bridge the social distance!


7. Clothesline Collage – inspired by past days during which our great-grandmothers

hung the laundry outside to dry in the sun.  Our materials include fabric, string, scotch

tape, and small cloth pins. Cut out tiny clothing: dresses, jeans, skirts, t-shirts to

attach to your clothesline, which you’ll stretch across a painted poster board sky.


8. The Land We Live On—Work on a geology and landscape diorama project. We discuss

rocks,  sand, clay and dark fertile soil and how nature puts together islands and

continents. We build our layered landscape in plastic trays, using pebbles, shells, sand,

clay, garden soil, small plants and toy animals. Then we take our creation home to care

for our own piece of land.