Atrium Spring Exhibition March 5 – May 31, 2021

Steve Jensen   VOYAGER in the atrium

Ghost Ship

Steve comes from a long tradition of Norwegian fisherman and boat builders. He grew up on and around his fathers and grandfather’s fishing boats and in the Ballard shipyards.

His best friend Sylvan did a drawing of a boat. When Sylvan gave it to him, he asked that when he passed, would make a boat for his ashes? He died a month later and Steve carved a boat as close to the drawings as possible.  When Steve’s father passed, his mother was so moved by the boat she wanted his father’s remains put in a similar vessel. They buried the boat at sea, like a contemporary Viking funeral. Two years later his mother passed  and he created a boat for her ashes and buried it with my father at sea. When his partner died, his wish was also to have a boat for his ashes. In the course of eight years Steve had tragically lost and made funeral boats for everyone close to him. His best friend died of AIDS, his father committed suicide, his mother fell apart emotionally, then physically.  During this period in what Steve called the nightmare his former partner escaped into alcohol, which killed him. What Jensen is attempting to do is take something that was tragic in his life and turn it into something beautiful.

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