Uriash Pukingnak

Uriash Pukingnak
Inuit-Gjoa Haven, 1946

Woman Bow Hunting
Pyroxene, antler, musk ox hair


Uriash Pukingnak is from Gjoa Haven, a small hamlet in the Qitirmiut (Kitikmeot) region of Nunavut Territory. He comes from a family of artists working in various media. One of his brothers, Louie Qingnaqtuq, and his father-in-law, Nelson Takkiruq, are well-known carvers. His sister, Mary Porter, makes wall hangings and his other brother, Leo Hummituq, is a jewelry artist. His wife, Lorraine, and their son, Wayne, are also artists.

Uriash is a founding member of the Kinqunik Artists’ Society. He has served as mayor of Gjoa Haven and was involved with the formation of Nunavut Territory. He takes an active interest in climate-change issues, which have significantly affected the ecology of the region and the traditional Inuit way of life.