Volunteer – We Need Your Help

Directions: Print page and email it to admin@sjima.org, mail it to 540 Spring Street, Friday Harbor, or drop it at the front desk. Please check any areas of interest. Blank forms are also at the front desk.

Member and Volunteer Opportunities
We Need Your Help

If you could do anything you wanted to support SJIMA, what would it be?

Name _____________________________________________________
Email address ______________________________________________
Phone number(s) ____________________________________________

Visitor Services and Education
□ Train as a docent
□ Lead tours
□ Make training DVD’s
□ Create/design school trips and information
□ Imagine other educational opportunities or options
□ Organize the library and manage resources

□ Create or assist with a membership drive
□ Assist with membership renewals and other projects
□ Build mailing list

□ Write grants for projects/events/exhibitions/LTAC (lodging tax)
□ Conduct a pledge drive
□ Coordinate a fun event to raise money
□ Alaska Airlines volunteers program development and others

Special Events
□ Coordinate the 4th of July parade
□ Be part of team to run the County Fair booth
□ Create Art As A Voice (AAAV) talks, book them and execute with exhibition leader
□ Create raffles and other press-worthy activities in association with an exhibition
□ Research special project opportunities

□ Assist in exhibitions with a team leader
□ Make labels for art and QR codes
□ Lead a team for the Artists’ Registry show
□ Lead teams for receptions
□ Set up, obtain and serve refreshments and/or make snacks for receptions/AAAV talks
□ Arrange housing for artists

□ Find/create items to sell in our gift shop
□ Package them for sale
□ Track and replace inventory

Communications and Marketing
□ Send MailChimp notifications to members
□ Write a newsletter
□ Distribute posters and/or postcards
□ Help with social media
□ Design new web site
□ Manage the master calendar and distribute information
□ Assist with press releases
□ Enter events on online calendars
□ Collect testimonials
□ Present SJIMA programs at local service clubs
□ Create new marketing ideas
□ Mail cross marketing materials to art museums
□ Get Road Scholars and corporate retreats to include SJIMA

□ Coordinate volunteers for various requested tasks
□ Recruit more volunteers
□ Create recognition events
□ Write a membership newsletter

Workshop Coordination
□ Oversee exhibition-related workshops
□ Create and set up workshops for adults
□ Oversee Family Art Days and Art for Fun –solve problems, scheduling issues

□ Landscape upkeep
□ Schedule cleaning and window washing
□ Assure operational alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.
□ Address special needs/repairs

Security and Technology
□ Operate sound system
□ Set up special requests for video and music for events
□ Trouble-shot tech and computer issues
□ Train a back up

□ Assist treasurers with tasks and budget
□ Conduct an audit
□ Assist with financial, investment, real estate or legal issues

Other ideas? ____________________________________________

Comments? _____________________________________________