Winter – Spring Family Art Days

Jan. 25 – April 11, 2020

Family Art Days Winter-Spring 2020        Family Art Days Instructor: Lana Hickman


25The Wonder of Winter: Snowflakes in all shapes and sizes.


1 Cedars, pines, fir trees in Native American tradition. Painting in acrylic.

8People of the Arctic dressed for winter. Create figurines in clay.

15Coming of Spring: Solar images in colorful paper collages.

22Marine life at the Port of Friday Harbor. Paint ceramic tiles.

29The Birds are Coming: Design and paint birdhouses.


7Cheerful moods of spring blooming. Paint and draw.

14Ancient weather rituals and the seasons. Paint in tempera and acrylics.

21African patterns in the arts. Wire, pipe cleaners and clay sculptures.

28Masks of a faraway continent. Human and animal faces. Paper and paint.


4High Seas seascapes. Paint the drama of water in acrylics.

11What mountains tell us. Water cycle in different cultures. Watercolors.